Fabric Collections

Proudly housing one of the largest collections of Fabric in Australia.

The below is only a sample of our blind fabric range, please contact us for more information and options. 
Images are indicative only.

Let light into your space.

The perfect option for letting light into your open living spaces or bedrooms without feeling the harsh glare from direct light.

Our Sheers and light filtering fabrics are perfectly pared with a blockout or sunscreen fabric as a backing for the ultimate lighting control.

total privacy & light block.

Our range of blockout fabrics completely block out any sunlight entering the space, ensuring ultimate privacy and shade all year round.

We recommend blockout fabrics for areas in the home that require darkness and increased privacy, making these fabrics a great choice for bedrooms, bathrooms and studies. Keeping your rooms cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

Maximum light, no glare.

Sunscreen fabrics are designed to let in maximum light and minimum glare from the sun. Sunscreen fabrics block out up to 95% of harmfully sun rays, keeping your home bright without any hot spots or glare.

Although sunscreen fabrics are not a complete blockout fabric, they provide a one-way view during the day time, meaning you can keep your outdoor view while outsiders can’t see through.However, we do not recommend these fabrics for bedrooms or bathrooms as the sunscreen fabrics act in the opposite way at night time (unless they are paired with a complete blockout fabric to add a layer of privacy).