At Scorpio Screens & Blinds we supply and install only the best when it comes to yours and your family’s safety and security our Ultra 7mm Grille range.

Security Doors play a major part in a home or office allowing access to the front of the property and entertaining areas, allowing air flow throughout the house without compromising your safety and security. Product strength and performance are key factors in deciding which security doors to purchase. Security Doors manufactured by Scorpio Screens & Blinds give you the peace of mind that a quality door is being installed.

All Scorpio Screens & Blinds Security doors are manufactured using Ultra 7mm Grille and extruded Aluminium framing. Top quality hardware is used in all doors meeting the Australian standards.

Powder coated aluminium is used with all our security products giving reassurance that the coatings are built to last.


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ultra 7mm grille.jpg