Keep your home or business secure and fire smart with the Ultra Scape outward, inward and sliding opening systems.

The integrated internal sash handle gives a consistent clean line around the internal sash frame. The products increased rigidity helps to significantly reduce flex when closing screens, regardless of their size. 

The robust, hollow perimeter frames increase rigidity whilst reducing sag. The screens have also been created to withstand greater impact resistance and provide maximum security to your home or office. The hollow perimeter frame houses the screw flute, providing maximum strength, while also allowing for ease of fabrication. We’ve carefully concealed fixings to improve security and throw off potential attackers, whilst improving exterior appearances and assisting with cleaning when required.

With a smooth external face and minimal frame width, the Ultra Scape sash allows for an increased open mesh area, providing not only greater visibility, but also increased air flow whilst providing your home with a modern and contemporary appearance. 

We’ve also reduced the clearance between the sash and the perimeter frame to minimise any possibility of a pinch point for fingers and added bulb seals to remove noise from any screen movement under extreme weather conditions when the screen latch is closed.

When it is time to exit, the “Press to Release” handle lets you unlock and push open the screen in one smooth and easy motion. The handle will release the screen after only 20° of movement, aiding in a speedy escape when required.