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Securing the Gold Coast & Brisbane for over 35 years.

At Scorpio Screens & Blinds we understand how important safety and security is to Australian families and businesses, which is why we only supply and install the very best products, manufactured utilising industry leading systems and the highest quality materials across all of our stainless steel security screen doors and windows.

Thanks to Scorpio Screens & Blinds Ultra Stainless Steel products, protecting your family and most treasured possessions doesn’t mean prison like bars or bulky metal frames.

Ultra Stainless Screens are made from the finest stainless steel, expertly woven in our state-of-the-art facilities. 

Ultra Stainless Steel security mesh has been designed to withstand the harshest Australian conditions, and allows you to secure your home without losing the luxury of openness. Forged from the unity of innovative contemporary design and state-of-the-art technology, Ultra Stainless highly evolved security represents a bold new direction in home security solutions.

Elegant and simple, sleek in appearance with precise lines, Ultra Stainless integrates seamlessly with your home to maximise your views and light. Ultra Stainless provides peace of mind, without the need to sacrifice your lifestyle. 

Ultra Stainless Steel Security products incorporate the Patented EGP (Extreme Grip Protection) Retention Method which locks our industry leading stainless steel mesh into the heavy duty extruded aluminium perimeter framing which sets Scorpio Screens & Blinds apart. 

The EGP retention method completely isolates the stainless steel mesh from the aluminium framing, providing you with clear, uninterrupted views and absolute comfort knowing that your Ultra Stainless screens pass the most stringent Australian Standards requirements for security screens and doors AS5039-2008.


Technical Information: 

The EGP Retention Method completely isolates the stainless steel from the aluminium as the mesh is captured between the Insulator (an “L” shaped co-extrusion) and the Keeper (a straight, ribbed co-extrusion). A rigid PVC wedge is driven into the receiver channel around the full perimeter of the screen applying uniform pressure at all points and locking the mesh into the frame.

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Custom built by Scorpio Screens and made to measure to suit your exact requirements.

At Scorpio Screens and Blinds, we are so confident in the quality and durability of our products that we provide a 15-year warranty on our Ultra Stainless screens.

Ultra Stainless products don’t require screws or any other form of mechanical fixing to secure the mesh to your specially created, custom perimeter frame. Importantly for our customers, the potential for corrosion through contact with dissimilar metals is avoided. In short, your Scorpio Screens don’t only look great, they are produced using the best materials and practices and are constructed to withstand the toughest conditions and climates. 

Scorpio Screens & Blinds is a wholly Australian owned company which has been protecting Australian families and businesses for more than 35 years.



Our products are continually independently tested as a statement of our unwavering commitment to excellence. The Australian Standards stipulate a range of scientific tests that a security product must pass in order to remain in its class.

Ultra Stainless effortless elegance has not only passed, but exceeded the Australian Standard for the below tests.

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Dynamic Impact Test: AS5039-2008
Lock and Hinge Lever Test: AS5039-2008
Knife Shear Test
: AS5039 – 2008
Impact Test: AS5039 – 2008
Anti-Jemmy Test: AS5039 – 2008
Pull Test: AS5039 – 2008
Salt Spray Test: AS2331.3.1
Cyclone Screen Test: 2010: AS/NZS1170.2
10,000 Hour Salt Spray Tests: AAMA2605-05 Section 7.8.2
Aluminium Frame Tests: AS/NZS1866:1997 & AS3715 – 2002) 60603 T5 powdercoated to a minimum thickness of 60um
Stainless Mesh Tests: AS3175-2002, AAMA2603-05, AAMA2605-05, AS2331/ISO2360, ASTM D2794, AS3715, ISO1519, JIS Z2241, ASTM E1086)
WERS Test Energy Efficiency
Fire Attenuation Test
Child Fall Prevention
Bushfire Test
Fire Attenuation Test


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